Color Pigment Powder

Color Pigment Powder

In search of a reliable Color Pigment Powder manufacturer in India? Your quest ends here! DMP Polychem is a distinguished provider of top-quality Color Pigment Powder, meticulously formulated to bring vibrant hues and versatility to a multitude of industries. Unlock a world of possibilities for your products with our premium Color Pigment Powder.

Key Features of Our Color Pigment Powder:


Intense Color

Achieve striking and intense colors in your end products, making them visually appealing and memorable.


High Dispersion

Our pigments offer high dispersion, ensuring even color distribution and a uniform finish.


Chemical Stability

Experience chemical stability for long-lasting color brilliance, adding value to your products.


Application Flexibility

Seamlessly integrate our Color Pigment Powder into various manufacturing processes, enhancing the color vibrancy of a wide range of materials.

Why Choose Our Color Pigment Powder?

Rich Color Palette

Our Color Pigment Powder boasts a diverse and vibrant color palette, allowing you to choose from an extensive range of shades for your products.

Manufactured India

Proudly made in India, our pigments reflect our commitment to quality and support for local industries, ensuring you receive the best-in-class products.


Whether you're in plastics, paints, textiles, or other industries, our Color Pigment Powder is versatile and tailored to meet the specific color requirements of your application.

Consistent Quality

Trust in the consistent quality of our Color Pigment Powder, providing your products with reliable and enduring color brilliance.

Product Specification

Packaging Size: 25 kg Packaging Type: PP Bag Form: Powder
Usage: Soap And Detergent Industry Is It Eco Friendly: Yes Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram