Leading Masterbatch Manufacturer

DMP Polychem: Leading Masterbatch Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Masterbatch is the secret ingredient behind vibrant colors, enhanced functionalities and improved performance in plastic products. As a leading masterbatch manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we specialize in creating specialized additives that empower your products with unparalleled qualities.

Our Extensive Range of Masterbatch Solutions


White Masterbatch

Attain consistent and vivid white hues in your products, ensuring superior opacity and brightness across various applications.


Black Masterbatch

Enhance the depth and durability of black tones, offering excellent dispersion and UV stability for a multitude of industries.


Color Masterbatch

Add vibrancy and life to your products with a wide spectrum of shades, delivering precise color matching and durability.


Nucleating Masterbatch

Improve mechanical properties and crystallization processes in polymers, enhancing productivity and performance.


Additives Masterbatch

Tailored additives impart specific properties—UV resistance, anti-static capabilities, flame retardance—enhancing your product’s functionality.

Why Choose Our Masterbatch Solutions?

Unrivaled Quality

Our Color Pigment Powder boasts a diverse and vibrant color palette, allowing you to choose from an extensive range of shades for your products.

Custom Solutions

Proudly made in India, our pigments reflect our commitment to quality and support for local industries, ensuring you receive the best-in-class products.

Innovation and Expertise

Whether you're in plastics, paints, textiles, or other industries, our Color Pigment Powder is versatile and tailored to meet the specific color requirements of your application.

Customer Satisfaction

Trust in the consistent quality of our Color Pigment Powder, providing your products with reliable and enduring color brilliance.

Product Specification

Filler Content: 10% Moisture Content: 0.5 Product Code: Super White
Country of Origin: India Usage: Plastic Brand Name: Dmp Polychem
Purity: 99% Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kg Eco Friendly: Yes