Optical Brightener OB-1

Optical Brightener OB-1

Are you seeking a superior solution to enhance the brightness and whiteness of your products? Look no further than OB1 from DMP Polychem. As a renowned manufacturer, we are dedicated to delivering premium-quality OB1 that exceeds industry standards. With its remarkable ability to absorb ultraviolet light and emit a vibrant blue glow, OB1 effortlessly masks undesired yellow hues, leaving surfaces looking brilliantly white and lustrous. Trusted by industries worldwide, OB1 from DMP Polychem is your ultimate choice for achieving unparalleled radiance and appeal. Elevate your products to new heights with OB1 – where excellence meets innovation.

Our Range of OB-1


Textile Industry

OB1 works wonders by absorbing UV light and emitting a radiant blue glow, ensuring fabrics appear exceptionally white and vibrant.


Paper Industry

Improve the whiteness and brightness of paper products with OB1. Its remarkable properties help create a lasting impression on your audience


Detergent Industry

OB1 ensures that whites appear whiter and colors more vibrant, elevating the overall attractiveness of your detergent products.


Plastic Industry

OB1's superior brightening capabilities guarantee that your plastic products shine with exceptional radiance and allure.

Why Choose DMP Polychem's Optical Brightener OB-1?

High Purity

OB1 by DMP Polychem maintains exceptionally high purity levels, guaranteeing superior performance and consistent results across various industries.


OB1 from DMP Polychem is formulated to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal results every time.

Optimal Brightness

Experience unparalleled brightness and whiteness in your end products with OB1.

Reliable Performance

At DMP Polychem, we stand behind the reliability of OB1. Count on our Optical Brightener to deliver consistent, long-lasting performance.

Product Specification

Form: Powder Product Code: Ob 1 Color: Green
Packaging Size: 25 kg Packaging Type: Drum Packaging Brand: DMP POLYCHEM
Purity: 99% Is It Eco Friendly: Yes Country of Origin: Made in India